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BUSYBEE is a leading technology innovator in the fields of web application and software development. We are growing at a tremendous pace and we encourage investors, who want to be a part of this growth, to join us in our exciting endeavor. Our team is composed of young, vibrant, assertive, and dedicated visionaries. We will be unstoppable, we will be relentless, we are determined to reach our goals.

We are constantly searching for technology that will help improve home life, business, and more importantly, education. We have an exciting project in our pipeline that will push learning boundaries and permanently change how things are being done.

We are excited to launch BeeSuite AI called “AlphaProject”. This technology will revolutionize education to unprecedented heights using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Cloud computing, and the power of SMS. We are targeting to partner with 1,000 public schools, 300,000 public school teachers, and 8 million indigent learners in the Philippines. This technology aims to lift the Philippines to the top of the global literacy rate ranking.

Be a part of our journey and help us reframe education. Your investment will be used to expand our workspace and to hire more programmers, developers, designers, and engineers. We are all ready to continue down our path of innovation, invention, and breakthrough technology.


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Rico Hernandez