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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BeeSuite different from other Distance Learning Platform?

BeeSuite is the only distance e-Learning platform that has everything! An All-in-One portal that has tons of features such as online audio/video library, collaborative tools, all-in-one calendar, virtual classroom, mass enrollments, file management, progress tracker, video uploader, conference call, interactive whiteboard, SMS-based virtual classroom, digital certification, grading system, online exams, messaging and many more. Whether you are in academe or in government, BeeSuite can support your eLearning needs.

Will our personal information and data be safe?

YES. We are using Google Cloud for our BeeSuite Portal. Google brand can speak for itself on your concern about security, compliance, privacy and stability.

Does BeeSuite support virtual classrooms?


Does BeeSuite support video conference call like Zoom?

YES. You will have the option between BigBlueButton, Google Meet or Zoom.

Does BeeSuite support interactive whiteboard?


Can teachers record any types of files such as pdf, ppt, audio or video and upload in the BeeSuite portal for learners to view anytime?


Are you an authorized Google for Education partner?


How about contents?

BeeSuite has an in-house eLibrary system with more than 45K titles. We also partnered with Go1, the largest curated e-Learning library from the world’s top training providers such as Blinkist, Skillsoft, edX, Thomson Reuters, Vado, MindTools and many more carrying more than 100,000 titles.

What else can BeeSuite offer?

Coursera, the largest online education company which provides universal access to the world’s best education, has forged a partnership with BeeSuite Academy to provide grants to Filipino learners in the Philippines. Just sign up for your Free Education.

We are a government agency and we wanted to have a learning platform for our Supervisory Development Program, can you customize?

YES, just send us specifications and list of features that you need, we can develop and deploy customized Learning Management Platform specifically for your agency.

Can you provide hosting?


Do you offer 24/7 support?


Can you provide admin services?